My Story with Anxiety

I have struggled with anxiety my entire adult life. 

I realize I am not the only person who struggles with anxiety. Anxiety happens to be the most common mental health condition in America. 

I remember when I began to notice anxiety in my life. It was my last year of college, and I was not feeling well. I was experiencing so many foreign and uncomfortable feelings that I could not shake … 

heavy breathing,

trouble getting enough oxygen, 

acute stress, 

tingling in my jaw, 

and fear about what was wrong with me.

Years later I realized I also felt anxiety in certain social situations. If I had purpose in a group social setting, I felt well. But if I did not have purpose, I had anxiety—social anxiety …




at times feeling like I was going to faint,

not wanting to be noticed,

sitting away from the crowds,

and hoping that I would have the opportunity to sit with someone I knew well so that I would not feel social pressure.

I have learned so much about anxiety along the way. I have been on my own journey …

confusion over what I was experiencing, 

struggling to find answers, 

finding help and answers,  

discovering my triggers and tools that help me, 

understanding that there were many false cliché’s in Christianity about anxiety,

researching what the Bible genuinely says about anxiety,

and learning that God was not disappointed in me for struggling with anxiety; 

rather, God was compassionate, loved me deeply, and wanted to help me with my struggle. 

And through my journey, I feel compelled to write and speak about anxiety. I feel a deep burden in my soul to help you, encourage you, educate you, deconstruct false views that have confused you, and see you find hope in a God of compassion and love. I have found help and hope with my anxiety, and I pray the same for you. Follow along over the next few weeks as I discuss the topic of anxiety.

Wesley Towne