A New Beginning

Life has a way of surprising you with unexpected changes. We plan and dream anticipating a good future. Then life happens, and we realize we can’t plan and control everything. This is the reason faith is so important. Faith is trusting God when the future is unclear and confusing—the horizon looks cloudy and dark, and all you have is a choice to move forward by faith with God.

My wife and I are living through this reality. For the last five years we have experienced innumerable challenges as a result of countless serious medical issues my wife has faced. Trudging through day by day, we have been trying our best to keep our heads up and have hope for the future. After a devastating diagnosis in April, it was time to make a major decision in faith to leave something we started together and loved dearly. In 2008, we started a church called Ekklesia Eugene. We had no idea that a small group of people meeting in an apartment living room would turn into an opportunity to encourage thousands of people over a ten year period. Choosing to leave Ekklesia was gut-wrenching emotionally, but we knew it was time to step away and step toward a new beginning.

So here we are in a period of not knowing. What are we supposed to do in times like this? We have chosen to do what we have always done; be proactive to use the time and gifts God has deposited in us for the purpose of adding value to peoples lives. Kara does this by way of art, design, and production. I do this by way of communication.

Here are a few things that I am launching this month to encourage people:

- A NEW WEBSITE. This will be the central hub for everything I am doing.


- A PODCAST. I will be posting a weekly podcast called Betters Days. This is a podcast focused on Mental Health and Suffering.


In addition, I am available to speak at your church or group. See contact for details.

I am humbled to continue to encourage people toward the hope and grace of Jesus. I am thankful for each of you, and hope to be an encouragement in your life. Pray for me and join me in this new venture!

Much Love,


Wesley Towne