I live in Solana Beach, CA with my wife Kara and chihuahua Lucy. We love the sun, healthy eating, exercise, and the beach. 

I speak and write on Mental Health and Suffering, and the hope we have for better days.

I directed a Bible College, and lectured in theology, hermeneutics, NT Greek, and many other subjects.  

I also started a church called Ekklesia in Eugene, OR in 2008. It grew from a handful of people in a living room to two thousand people and two campuses in five years. In 2013 Outreach Magazine named me the youngest megachurch pastor in America. I sadly left Ekklesia in the summer of 2018 as a result of health challenges my wife has faced.  

I have a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees.

I am an “I” (influence) on the Disc Personality Test. All the other personality tests tell me that I am an Achiever and Learner (I guess I am ambitious and goal oriented, and I am curious and love to learn).

I am currently speaking and teaching on Suffering and Mental Health. My goals with these subjects are to be an encouragement and bring hope to people who are suffering, deconstruct false ideas that exist in Christianity, construct a biblical view that is faithful to Scripture and Jesus’ character, and inform and bring awareness inside and outside of Christianity.

Most important, I follow Jesus, love people, and feel like God put me on earth to encourage people and share hope.

Speaking Inquiries

I am a speaker and teacher, and would love to speak at your church, school, or organization!

Please send an email request to hello@wesleytowne.com or fill out the form below if you would like to inquire about hosting Better Days Talks (a one day conference on mental health and suffering) or any other speaking engagement. Feel free to ask me any questions. I look forward to teaming up!

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